What is the best precious metals fund?

These are the best funds from Equity Precious Metals; First Eagle Gold Fund. Maverick is an active trader, commodity futures broker and stock analyst with more than 17 years of experience, plus more than 10 years of experience as a financial writer and book editor. The fund can invest up to 40% of its assets in emerging market country stocks and up to 25% of its assets in metal-related debt securities. All dividends or capital gains are distributed annually, making it an ideal choice for Gold silver IRA custodians. The Fidelity Select Gold Portfolio Fund (FSAGX) was established in 1985 by Fidelity Investments.

The main purpose of this precious metals fund is to provide investors with a capital revaluation. The Invesco Gold and Special Minerals Fund (OPGSX), founded in 1983, seeks a long-term revaluation of capital. Major properties include Barrick, Northern Star Resources, Newmont and Evolution Mining. Gold makes up the largest part of the portfolio, with 75% of the assets.

The Gabelli Gold Fund, Inc. Victory Capital. USAA Metals and Precious Minerals Fund. Under normal market conditions, the Gold and Precious Metals Fund will invest at least 80 percent of its net assets in equity securities of companies that are predominantly engaged in the extraction, manufacture, processing, marketing or distribution of metals such as gold, silver, the platinum group, palladium and diamonds.

Bradshaw, the fund manager, seeks to achieve the fund's objective by normally investing 80% or more of the fund's assets in companies that are actively involved in the exploration, extraction and processing of gold, companies that trade in gold and other precious metals and minerals, or companies that generate at least half of their revenues from this type of business. The fund's manager, Shanquan Li, invests in the shares of mining companies that focus on gold and other precious metals. The 10 precious metals and gold ETFs (listed above) rank first according to TheStreet Ratings methodology. The fund focuses on producers, companies that currently extract gold or other precious minerals from the earth.